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I believe our health is in our own hands. From physical health to mental health, I live with the belief that there are holistic and natural options to approach our own self-care. While I am not a medical doctor and yoga asana alone cannot heal all, I believe a holistic approach can have a profound impact on our lives, health and being.

So I believe in empowering own bodies naturally. Through my own yoga practice and holistic health journey I've found a greater appreciation and healthier view toward my body and my being.

With my practitioners, I approach yoga from an alignment-based focus to help them tap into their own embodiment — their own mind-body connection. With that, alignment is not a one-size fits all formula. Generally speaking we all have the same structure and anatomy, but regardless of what we've been taught in school we can't broad brushstroke our bodies. Take the spine for example, arguably one of the most important structures of the body. As strange as it may sound, our spines vary greatly from person to person. Some of us have more vertebra than others, some of us have more space between our vertebra (making those idyllic backbends more accessible), and some of us have deeper curves in our spines or no curves at all. Through that, I aim to empower practitioners to boldly live out their own truth.


The Mind-Body-Spirit connection is not a one-size fits all formula so it's challenging to really address each individual's needs in a group class setting. Private yoga sessions are for those genuinely seeking a greater understanding of their own body and mind or those seeking healing in one form or another. While I am not a medical doctor and yoga asana alone cannot heal all, I do believe that holistic approaches have a profound impact on our lives and health. Unlike many approaches to modern medicine, holistic approaches are not easy or quick fixes. They require dedication.

Starting at $92


Semi-Private yoga session meet somewhere in the middle of purely public classes and exclusively private sessions. This is the place where you and your group — friends, coworkers, family — can have a semi-customized class together. I'll work with you to identify what you're looking for or what you're looking to address in the class.

Starting at $60


Yoga means "to yoke" and workshops are one of the places where we put that into practice. Workshops explore the places where life, philosophy, anatomy, astrology, the seasons and more converge with yoga. We try to have one workshop each quarter. Sign up for newsletters to stay up to date on new workshops.


I am beyond excited to announce that retreats are back in the works! Stay tuned for more info coming soon or sign up for the newsletter below to be the first to know when all the information and bookings are live!

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